Underground utility location with the power of artificial intelligence

Our approach
to underground utility location

Digging without knowing the position and depth of underground utility lines exposes you to risks like gas explosions, power outages, and more. MIMO Detect’s artificial-intelligence-enabled ground-penetrating radar system can locate underground assets faster and more accurately than existing solutions.

We are a startup created in 2021 in France. Our prototype has been rigorously tested and we have completed our first fundraising round. Up next: Manufacturing so we can start make digging safer and more efficient on job sites worldwide.

1 Concept & design
2 Prototyping & testing
3 Production engineering
4 Manufacturing &

Digging is risky business

Job site

Site foremen
spend 10% of their time
locating underground assets
or waiting for utility locators


The subsurface environment
can be complex and congested,
and the maps provided by utilities
incomplete or inaccurate

Danger to people
and property

Every year in Europe,
10 people lose their lives
and another 400 are injured
in digging incidents

underground sensing

The lack of precision of
today’s GPR leaves too much room
for human error

An innovative underground utility location system

Fast, accurate, versatile, and reliable

MIMO Detect’s artificial-intelligence-enabled subsurface location and mapping system outperforms today’s commercially-available systems. It can detect and locate electrical, gas, communication, and water lines with unparalleled speed and precision.

MIMO Detect’s utility location system is straightforward, with plug-and-play access to advanced features and a simple user interface with easy-to-understand position and depth data. Our system is designed to give you the peace of mind you need to stop worrying about what’s underground so you can get on with your job above ground!

Locate and map three times faster

MIMO Detect’s system is much faster than conventional underground utility location and mapping solutions, reducing job site delays and the associated costs.

Real-time mapping with no post-processing means you spend less time locating underground assets and more time getting on with the rest of your work.

Smart, strong, and simple

MIMO Detect brings the brains of artificial intelligence to underground utility mapping.

Our machine learning algorithms are extremely precise and robust, for accurate, reliable mapping in the unpredictable conditions of real-world job sites. We have made the user experience as natural and seamless as possible. Simply scan the surface and see the subsurface map in real time. No post-processing required! With MIMO Detect in your toolkit, you can work faster and safer, helping you keep your jobs on time and under budget.

A technological powerhouse

  • The world’s first multistatic ground-penetrating radar
  • GPR scanner for construction and utility location professionals
  • Artificial intelligence to process the data
  • Fully automated system
  • Real-time display

Field testing and validation
with our partners
and at our outdoor R&D facility

Institut Fresnel
Low-noise subterranean
research facility - LSBB
Université Gustave Eiffel
Vocational schools
The MIMO Detect
outdoor testing facility



September 2018 R&D engineer hired
October 2018 Partnership with CNRS
(France’s national center for scientific research)
October 2020 Prototype optimizations &
partnership with engineering school
Grenoble INP - UGA
June 2021 Company founded
June 2022 Validation testing completed
on Libex prototype
January 2023 R&D projects covering:
• Coding of scenarios
• 2D location and mapping
• 3D location and mapping
• AI-enabled location and mapping
June 2024 Prototyping
(mechanical and technical design validation)
July 2024 Patent filed
September 2024 User testing
with construction companies
December 2024 Production engineering &
2025 Market

Key figures

6 years
of research
and development

30 mm
location accuracy
for precision mapping

less time locating
utility lines

Meet our people

Philippe Aymard

Philippe founded underground utility detection specialist Detect Réseaux in 2009 and has been growing the business for more than a decade, honing his expertise in the field of underground utility location and mapping and his knowledge of the underground utility location markets in France and across Europe.

He is an active member of France’s underground utility detection industry association, FNEDRE.

What he does at MIMO Detect:

Philippe is in charge of the company’s finances and admin. He also spearheads or relationships with partners and investors from the public and private sectors.

Jean-david Bigoni

With a background in civil engineering, Jean-David knows France’s road construction industry inside and out. He was appointed Director of Operations of Detect Réseaux’s Greater Paris office in 2014. Sales doubled in four years under his leadership.

Jean-David also knows the major ground-penetrating radar suppliers and their equipment extremely well.

What he does at MIMO Detect:

Jean-David oversees the business’ strategy and implementation. He is in charge of communications and liaises regularly with MIMO Detect’s investors, financers, and technology providers.

Hassan Haddad
R&D Engineer

Hassan is in charge of product development. He has a PhD in telecommunications, has published more than 20 journal articles, and holds a patent for a ground-penetrating radar technology.

What he does at MIMO Detect:

Hassan leads all product- and technology-development activities, including antenna array testing and optimization.

Maxime Creniaux
Project Manager

Maxime is our expert in all things business administration.

What he does at MIMO Detect:

Maxime organizes, coordinates, and orchestrates our day-to-day activities, making sure that management and R&D are aligned at all times and that our projects stay on budget. He is the face of our company to our suppliers and innovation clusters, liaising with a wide variety of people every day.

As we get closer to commercializing our product, Maxime will also take on the role of Sales Manager in charge of our domestic and international sales strategies.

More efficient digging, reduced environmental impacts

Trucks and other heavy construction equipment are responsible for a considerable proportion of a construction site’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Our technology helps make digging, trenching, and excavation more accurate, displacing less earth and dramatically reducing additional work created when underground utility lines are inadvertently ruptured. Less work equals lower emissions. It’s that simple.

As a France-based startup, we are also attentive to the needs of the French market.

Currently, professionals in the construction and underground utility location industries in France mainly depend on ground-penetrating radar equipment manufactured in the US and Italy.

One of our primary objectives for the French market is to provide a system that is 100% designed and manufactured in France, bringing our customers a domestic alternative that supports job creation and reduces the environmental impacts of international shipping.


MIMO Detect will be exhibiting at CES in Las Vegas from January 9 to 12, 2024.

Come and see us in the Auvergne Rhône Alpes regional pavilion (booth 60711), “The Digital Apex”.

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